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Mon, 08/05/2013 - 17:49 -- dawahnigeria

NB:The HOTSPOT PLUS INITIATIVE has been renamed to Premium Lecture Access and fee increased to N3000/quarter

All praises be to Allaah. May His peace and blessings be on His noble Messenger, His Household, His Companions and whoever follows his path till the day of Reckoning.
It is almost 2 years now that the HOTSPOT project was launched. The project aims to be a central point for Muslims all over the world to follow-up consistently on the dawah for the various HOTSPOT centers. It was crafted out of the general dawahnigeria dawahcast lectures for its envisioned consistency and improved promptness in uploading new lectures.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts put into making this project work, it has not being performing well. Apart from the Ramadan Tafseer sub-project, it has been difficult to get it running outside the noble month. This prompted us to go back to drawing board and re-strategize on identifying the challenges of the current system and how to reposition the project to enable us achieve our goal.
It was observed that a major issue is the need to make more funds available to cater for the huge logistics involved both on the part of the center representatives and dawahnigeria team. We received multiple complaints from various center representative on this and many other related issues. In fact, from our study, we found out that a large number of our center reps are running it from their personal purse, even the students amongst them! May Allaah bestow his rahmah.
Unfortunately, dawahnigeria currently does not have the resources to bear the cost of the center representatives. Apart from MANY other costs we incur, we currently pay tens of thousands of naira monthly as hosting fees for our 3 servers. May Allaah expand the provision of our donors and bring forth more people to assist his cause. It is particularly disturbing that this lofty HOTSPOT idea would die away simple because of some avoidable challenges.
Moving forward, a new model was conceptualized; HOTSPOT PLUS. It is a response to the yearnings of the people who have signified interest to part with a token in exchange for constant stream of high quality dawah resources of specified centers. As it has always being, lectures on dawahnigeria would be available for free download but there will be some form of restriction on HOTSPOT PLUS lectures. The lectures of a center would be available for immediate download ONLY to users who have subscribed to the lectures of that center. Other users who are non-subscribers would have to wait for 1 MONTH after the lecture is published before they would have access to listen and download. Please note that this temporary restriction applies ONLY to HOTSPOT PLUS lectures and other lectures would be FULLY available.
Access fee would be a token of N1200 / $15 for 3 months (per center). The proceeds are to be shared equally by the 3 parties:
  1. Center Representative
  2. Dawahnigeria
  3. Resource Person/Mosque Development
This token should be seen as a donation to ease the propagation of Islam and not paying for services rendered. Consider this basic calculation; if 10 people pay for access to a center, that is a total of just N12,000 for 3 months! That is barely enough to cover just internet bandwidth of the center representative, not to mention ours. Allaahu musta'aan. We would also accept donations either to us or directly to the center representatives to encourage them to sacrifice more.
This new model has the following advantages:
  • With the token amount charged, our hope is that its proceed would cover internet subscription and other miscellaneous cost incurred at the centers.
  • We hope that the percentage that goes to dawahnigeria too would play a role, no matter how little, in maintaining our infrastructure
  • The reduced access to specific lectures would lessen the ever-increasing burden on our server resources.
  • Collecting 1kobo from anybody imposes an inviolable amaanah on us and the center representatives to ensure quality and constancy of the lecture recordings and prompt uploading. The mandate is to get HOTSPOT PLUS lectures uploaded maximum of 24hrs after it is delivered. We strongly hope and pray that Allaah makes us achieve this.
In sha Allaah, this new policy would take effect after Ramadan 1434AH; as soon as we have sufficient centers who are willing to join us on this amaanah. It is expected that all issues would be ironed out latest by 1 month after Ramadan. Please check back here for updates.
We pray that Allaah continues to honour us through this project in this life and the Hereafter. Please kindly send comments and suggestions to us.
And all power and glory belongs to Allaah
The Edawah Foundation