dawahcasting after Ramadaan

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 17:53 -- dawahnigeria

Shaytaan is back! Yes, the dust of Ramadan and Eid has settled. But Islam remains; Jannah remains; Jahannam remains. Deliverying almost 100G of dawah in Ramadan 1435 was a big deal. Now Ramadan is gone but dawahcasting also remains, stronger!


The e-Tafseer project delivered daily tafseer recordings from numerous resource persons in Ramadan. We hope to continue this consistent delivery of dawah after Ramadan through the Hotspot and Hotspot PLUS initiative. Hotspot PLUS is subscription-based, giving you immediate access to special lectures while others have to wait for 1 month. It costs a small token of N1200 for 3 MONTHS! Even if you do not need this, please try to subscribe with the intention of donation. We spend over N50,000 monthly just to maintain basic infrastructure; we need help.


We have also launched a new project called dawahnigeria Highlights. The Highlight project features daily reminders through audio excerpts from dawahcast lectures. Highlights are audio file excerpts from dawahcast lectures, with duration ranging from 3 minutes to 10 minutes and file size from 500KB to 3M. The idea is to make a "quick and steady" alternative providing dawah on-the-go.

We ask Allaah for his rahmah to make us witness many more months of Ramadan before the inevitable takes over.


# We need people to help gather data for our directory project.- http://dawahnigeria.com/directory/

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