Countdown to the impossible?

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In Ramadan 1430, it all started. Young minds came together to make a mark, spreading pristine "dawah to the people". The enormity of our 5-phase project worried/worries even us. Alhamdulillaahi, today, we are in the 3rd phase, with the 4th and 5th expected to be individually larger than all that came before it!
In the 4 year that have passed, we have been able to deliver tera-bytes of dawah across almost all countries of the earth. For almost all our initiatives, some say they are a first of their kind. We have partnered with numerous resource persons speaking different languages across the country, bringing their dawah to a larger audience. Of particular emphasis is our Ramadan e-Tafseer project[1] wherein recordings of tafseer sessions from multiple locations in Nigeria are uploaded daily. We also have the Hotspot and Hotspot Plus initiative that we are currently trying to bring up to enable people follow up on dawah resources (outside Ramadan) of several locations consistently. We even produced a mini-dawahnigeria that runs from dvd[2] to cater for the Ummah's offline audience. We have been able to gather a growing number of indigenous Qur'an recitations[3], in fact we have an Android app, an iPad/iPhone/iPod app and a Windows Sidebar Widget[4] that streams these beautiful recitations 24/7. Thanks to our brothers and fathers at Deen Communications Limited, we have digitized their past issues of An-Naseehah, Legacy and Deen Digest; an interesting project i must say. Some issues are as far back as 1997! Articles were extracted from them to kick-start our article portal[5] and the soft-copies (pdf) are available online for purchase on our Marketplace[6]. Have you played our Quiz[7]? Trust me, you would like it! Some say that it is the most comprehensive Islamic quiz online. I am not sure it is, but 4000 questions with options and brief explanation is a great deal. An android version is currenly being developed, watch out! I almost forgot to mention[8], too enormous to describe, please click and check. The projects go on and on.
But sadly, we hope all these would not come to an abrupt end. What it costs to keep the it running is considerably more than we can continue to bear. We spend between N20,000 and N25,000 on internet bandwidth monthly (spent N47,000 for Ramadan), we pay around $250 monthly for our 3 servers, we spend massively on calls, transportation and other logistics required to maintain our huge network of partners and volunteers. We pay "motivation stipend" to some of our volunteers and spend heavily on R&D (research and development). We buy and maintain numerous hardware components that constitute our IT infrastructure. The list is endless.
To be sincere, we sometimes get help. We get occasional donations of as low as N100 paid through our Interswitch/Quickteller platform[9]. We also have a number of people who pledged to support us with a specified amount monthly. Unfortunately, ALL have stopped. In fact, a group of people have been collectively paying for one of our 3 servers for over a year; we got a mail yesterday saying they would not be continuing. May Allaah reward them all abundantly more then they can imagine and make easy their affairs in this life and the next. We actually envy our donors, imagine if Allaah were to give them just 1 reward for every page load on our numerous portals, every bit/byte of the over 4 tera-bytes of downloads, every mind that has gotten enlightened by the message gotten and its other ramifications!
Never has the existence of our dear project being threatened like now. What numerous people have passionately worked for, day and night, for years, is in need of urgent and consistent help. Our hosts are about to yank us out of existence and we have a number of other past and ongoing debts to pay and keep paying. We saw this coming and have been trying our best to avert it. Against our will, we are about to start "disfiguring" our portals with adverts. We also launched a Marketplace in Ramadan 1434AH, one of whose purpose is to give 15% commission to us on every purchase (we have had just 2 orders ever since). We intend to start selling premium lectures[10] and have already started with donation products[11].
Just as Jesus the son of Mary said to the Disciples in Q61vs14[12]"

مَنْ أَنصَارِي إِلَى اللَّهِ
"Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah?"
We here today are asking this question and expecting those who would respond with the same response as the Disciples said:

نَحْنُ أَنصَارُ اللَّهِ
Said the disciples, "We are Allah's helpers!"
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And all power and glory belongs to Allaah.

abu haneefah ibraaheem ath-thaqaafee
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