11 Jan 2017
Ritual Bath: From Its Most Comprehensive To The Simplest Form (01:45mins, 1.04 MB)
12 Jan 2017
Jan Hankali A kan Du'aal Sujud Da Kuma Bayan Sallah. (Clarification On Du'a During Prostration And After Salaat) (07:31mins, 3.68 MB)
11 Jan 2017
Tete Igbalode (Some Modern Forms of Gambling) (5:26mins, 2.72 MB)

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The Highlight project was initiated to deliver daily reminders to the Ummah, especially those who might not be too comfortable with full dawahcast lectures due to time or bandwidth constraint.

Highlights are audio file excerpts from dawahcast lectures, with duration ranging from 3 minutes to 10 minutes and file size from 500KB to 3M. The idea is to make a "quick and steady" alternative providing dawah on-the-go. See this project as YOUR DAILY COMPANION for quick eeman boost before the day's work or in between school classes!
If after listening to an highlight you wish to get the full lecture, visit this page and click on "Source Lecture" on the desired highlight.

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